From September 13th to October 11th 1997 Galerie Nelson will present cibachrome photgraphs by the American artist Craig Kalpakjian.

Craig Kalpakjian composes images of photography. The images could be seen as models of different types of spaces as perceived from the inside and the outside. The end result though, is not a photographic model of reality, but rather a disturbingly beautiful image that mimics photography's supposed representation of reality. The impression of fragility and instability of the materials used to actually construct such spaces is echoed by the uncertainty of the perception of the image. The walls, ceilings, doors and floors form the skins or facades that cover other spaces and underlying networks, implied or real.

Each image is completely rendered by computer. They portray entrances, passages, corridors, objects and interiors absent of people. Within the images one is moved toward the perception of other types of spaces beyond those depicted. No photographed element of reality has been integrated into the image. Constructed from his imagination, at first glance the images appear real. What betrays their reality is the perfection of detail. The colours are so smooth, the light is so even, the plains are so unerringly perfect that each defined space appears almost to be its own infinity, distinct and autonomous, yet juxtaposed to others to create an image with the tonal subtlety of minimal painting and the spacial eeriness of Stanley Kubrik's films.

Galerie Nelson